4″ Dryer Vent Hose Clamps #703

4″ Dryer Vent Hose Clamps #703

Product Description

4” key tensioner-style stainless steel band for 4-inch dust collection hoses and 4” inch dust vent hoses. Oversize key-style turn closure for installation without tools ensures a good repair with a tight fit. ½” inch wide stainless-steel band fits hose diameters from 2 inches to 4 ½ inches. Pack of 6.

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#703 -Hose Clamp Set



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Tech Team Band-Style Clamps, 4”, ½” Wide, Key-Style, Stainless Steel, Gear Hose Clamps, Dust Collection Hose Clamp, Clothes Dryer Vent Toggle Key Hose Clamp, Pack of 6

  •  4” key tensioner-style stainless steel band for 4-inch dust collection hoses and 4” inch dryer vent hoses.
  • Half-inch wide #304 stainless-steel band fits hoses from 2” diameter up to 4 ½” dust collection hoses and clothes dryer vent hoses.
  • Key-style screw mechanism allows for one hand tightening of clothes dryer vent or dust collector system hoses in confined spaces for a leak-proof seal.
  • The oversized 100% steel tightening key is superior to color plastic keys that can break under stress and the heat typical of clothes dryer vent applications. Although band style geared stainless steel hose clamps are the perfect item for fastening your flexible dryer vent hose to the back of you clothes dryer, they also can be used in many other applications, in particular dust collection systems. Dust collecting systems have duct work that ranges in diameter from 4 “up to as much as 12”. However, gear style band clamps can easily be ganged together to accommodate larger diameter applications. For example, 2 of the Tech Team 4 inch 703 Hose Clamps can be joined together to fit around a 6” or an 8” duct, and 3 can be ganged together to fit around a 12” diameter duct. There are also numerous other handy applications that you can find for duct clamps.
  • Pack of 6.

Clamps should be doubled up on both ends of the hose.  One with the key/screw on the left, and one on the right. This ensures uniform tension and a tight connection in applications where heat and vibration are present.


A pack of 6 clamps is 50% better than a pack of 4 clamps. These are the best dust collector and clothes dryer hose clamps available anyplace.






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