4” Spring-Loaded Gate Caster #00716

4” Spring-Loaded Gate Caster #00716

Tech Team 4-Inch Spring Loaded Gate Caster, Gate Wheel, Gate Support Roller, 125 Pound Capacity, Fence Hardware




  • Spring loaded caster has 1 3/4” (38 mm) of vertical movement and has a 125-pound capacity. Allows gates to open and close easily by supporting the far corners and automatically adjusting for uneven surfaces.
  • The 4” (100 mm) diameter, 1 1/4” (32 mm) wide hard rubber wheel and 65-pound compression spring absorb shock and irregularities in the ground or pavement.
  • Prevents gates from sagging to keep the fence line level. Stop gates from dragging on the ground.
  • Reduces stress on gate hardware, extending the life of a gate’s posts and hinges.
  • Can be mounted to wood, metal, or vinyl gates.  Perfect for agricultural gates. Fasteners are not included.Prevent gates from sagging and dragging on the ground, allowing for easier opening and closing.  Take stress off fences and keep the fence line clean and level.

Product Details

The Tech Team 4-Inch Spring Loaded Gate Caster has a 125lb capacity and 1 3/4” of vertical travel.

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