6 Inch Hole Saw #00756

6 Inch Hole Saw #00756

The Tech Team 6 Inch Hole Saw is made from tough 6-inch A3 carbon steel.  The saw has 6 teeth per inch and uses a 3/8” arbor.  The 1 Inch maximum depth is perfect for cutting through drywall and plywood.  The 6-inch saw kit is perfect for cutting holes for recessed light fixtures.  It also cuts perfect circles for corn hole and other lawn or yard games.



6 Inch Hole Saw #00756


Item Listing

6 Inch Hole Saw, Corn Hole Games, Wack-A-Mole, Dryer Vent Holes, Ductwork, Alloy Carbon Steel, For Use on Drywall, Plastic, and Wood, 1 Inch Max Depth, Cut Holes for High Hat Light Fixtures. By Tech Team

  • Contractor Professional Grade Tough 6-inch Heat Treated A3 carbon alloy steel saw blade with 6 teeth per inch.  Perfect for cutting plywood and drywall.
  • 3/8” Arbor.  Saw has a 1-inch maximum depth.  Fits 3/8” VSR (variable speed reversible) Rechargeable Drills.
  • Cuts perfect holes for high-hat light fixtures.  Holes are smooth and even.
  • Cuts perfect circles for corn hole and other games.
  • Saw kit includes one (1) hole saw with arbor and drill bit. A complete kit designed to cut with clockwise rotation.