8” x 8” Granite Countertop Bracket, 4 Pieces #00732

8” x 8” Granite Countertop Bracket, 4 Pieces #00732

Tech Team 8 Inch x 8 Inch x ½” (12mm thick) Solid Steel Granite Countertop Bracket and Shelf Bracket, Heavy-Duty Steel Construction, Powder Coat Finish, 4 Pieces, 150 lb. Weight Capacity Per Bracket. Hardware Included



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  • For marble, slate, concrete, laminate, and granite counter tops and kitchen islands.
  • Solid, one-piece construction. No welds to break. Beveled edges give a finished look and prevent snagging. Full 8” x 8” x ½” (12mm) thick for extra support.
  • Smooth, durable powder coat finish.
  • Pre-drilled 1/4” (6mm) counter sunk holes for a flush fit.
  • 150 lb. capacity per bracket. Includes four (4) brackets. Clearly these will handle 8 ½” overhangs for all countertop materials. For granite, slate, and concrete overhangs of up to 12 inches, supported with a bracket every 2 ft., are workable. Due to the nature of marble, the overhang should not exceed ½” beyond the bracket with spacing every 2 ft. or less.

Product Details

The Tech Team 8” x 8” Granite Countertop Bracket is made from heavy-duty steel with a smooth, durable powder coat finish.  The bracket set is perfect for invisibly supporting an overhanging counter for a clean, elegant look in a kitchen.  Set includes four (4) brackets.

Countertops made from granite, concrete, slate, or marble are all the rage. However, installing them can be a little bit dicey because of their weight. For example, a 30” x 96” slab can weigh as much as 600 lbs. Clearly you can find enough strong people to move the countertop around and install it, the major challenge is making sure that the fixtures and the bases holding the countertop in place are strong enough to support the weight. This particularly becomes problematic if you are making a kitchen island with an overhang. For this you need to properly support the underside of the overhang. Tech Team’s 8” x 8” countertop brackets are the perfect solution. These are stronger than any other brackets available on the market. They are 8” x 8” to give you a full 8” of vertical purchase as opposed to all the other brackets on the market that are 8” x 6” and only give you 6” of vertical purchase. In addition, they are full 12mm/ ½” thick as opposed to everything else on the market that is only 10mm / 3/8” thick. When you are installing a heavy counter top, you want to have something that is going to be strong enough to support the weight but also strong enough to support the extended edge that is cantilevered beyond the top of the cabinet base. Depending on exactly the material used for your countertop, you would want to put one brace at every 2 ft. or less depending on how the symmetry and the spacing works out.

The weight capacity of the bracket is in direct proportion to its mounting.  The individual bracket can easily support 150 lbs.  However, it must be mounted to a wood support member that can support at least the same weight.  We have not included mounting screws as the length of the screw required will be dependent upon the wood member the bracket is anchored to. Intended for use as a counter top support bracket for counter tops supported by an adequate number of uniformly spaced brackets.

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