#00785 –Tech Team’s #785Battery Terminal and Windshield Arm Puller

#00785 –Tech Team’s #785Battery Terminal and Windshield Arm Puller

Battery Terminal Puller, Windshield Arm Puller, For Removing Stuck or Corroded Terminals and Windshield Wiper Arms, Adjustable Prongs, Extraction Screw, by Tech Team




  • Remove corroded terminals from batteries.
  • Remove rusted windshield wiper arms.
  • Adjustable prongs for a secure fit.
  • Steel construction.

Product Details

Tech Team’s #785Battery Terminal and Windshield Arm Puller is the Perfect Tool for Removing Stuck or Corroded Battery Terminals and Windshield Wiper ArmsThe puller features 2 tempered steel adjustable gripper arms that firmly engage to allow the removal of corroded terminals from batteries and rusted / corroded windshield wiper arms from their mounting studs. In both cases the pulling force is directly against the end of the splined strut that operates the wiper or the top of the battery’s post. This way no damaging stress or force is exerted that could damage the battery or the wiper mechanism. All steel construction with a nylon adjusting cone.The Tech Team Battery Terminal Puller / Windshield Arm Puller is perfect for removing corroded battery terminals and pulling stuck or rusted windshield wiper arms.  The puller is made from steel with an aluminum adjustment knob.  The prongs are adjustable to fit many different sized battery terminals and to ensure a solid grip.

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