Bulb Planter #00776

Bulb Planter #00776

Bulb and Seedling Planter,Save Your Back, Easily Dig Holes for Bulbs and Other Plants, Perfect for Flower Beds and Gardens, Weeding, Sod Plugging, Soil Testing, Sharp Blade, Comfortable Hand Grips, and Welded Steel Foot Pegs, by Tech Team





– Easily dig holes for planting bulbs.

– Work standing up.  The 35” Height means there is no need to bend over or kneel while digging.

– Digs a hole 3.25” in diameter and up to 9” deep.

– The hole cutter has a slot and holes to make releasing the dirt plug easier.

– Sturdy, welded steel construction.

Product Details

The Tech Team Bulb Planter is 35” tall, meaning there is no need to bend over or kneel while digging holes for bulbs or other plants.  The handles allow more leverage than a hand shovel or trowel, making the digging, itself, easier.  Working while standing up is easier on the back and knees.  It also speeds up the work, since repositioning for the next hole is quicker.

This is a heavy-duty serious tool made to standards that exceed almost every other product in the industry. The center post and handles are made from heavy duty welded steel with comfortable cushion grips on each handle. The cutting chamber is made from precision laser cut steel with a durable cutting edge for making precise cuts with minimal effort. The single most important feature that separates this tool from all similar tools is the joint between the center post and the cutting chamber. This is the point of failure for other tools of this design. Tech Team has gone way beyond anything else on the market and made a heavy duty industrial welded joint along both sides to ensure long useful life.

The tool is simple to use. It is just a matter of placing the barrel of the cutting chamber at the place where you wish to make your hole, and then using foot pressure on the foot peg to push it into the ground, then simply twisting the handle either clockwise or counterclockwise, pull the tool out of the ground, and then remove the plug. In case the plug gets stuck, there are precision slots on the side so that the plug can easily be disengaged. The tool works best in moist loamy soil that will not cave back into the hole after it is cleared.

With the Tech Team painless bulb planter, it’s easy to plant either 5-10 bulbs or 500-600. It is just a matter of laying out your pattern and then rapidly punching your holes, planting your bulbs, and then covering them up.

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