Chair Caster Wheel Set, 76mm, 5 Pieces #00733

Chair Caster Wheel Set, 76mm, 5 Pieces #00733

Don’t throw away office chairs because of broken or low-quality casters.  Replace the casters for a fraction of the cost of a new chair.  The Tech Team 76mm Chair Caster Wheel Set rolls and turns easily on most office floor surfaces.  Set includes 5 casters.



Chair Caster Wheel Set, 76mm, 5 Pieces #00733

Item Listing

Office Chair 76mm 3” Rollerblade Caster Replacement 5 Wheel Set, Replace Broken Office Chair Casters, For Hardwood Floors, For Tile Floors, For Carpet, Replaces Chair Mats 5 Pieces. By Tech Team

  • 10.8mm (.42”) caster stem fits most office or desk chairs.
  • Stop causing damage to your expensive hardwood floors or carpeting. These rollerblade style replacement wheels will not scratch, drag, or leave marks or gouges. Eliminates the need for an office chair mat. 76mm (3”) ball bearing polyurethane caster rolls smoothly on most office floor surfaces.
  • Ball bearings in each caster allow for smooth rotation.  These are smooth and quiet rolling. Will support up to 100 lbs. per wheel if properly installed.
  • No fancy tools necessary for installation, but a screwdriver to help pry the old caster off may make things easier.
  • Set of 5 Casters.