Flat-Free Wheelbarrow Wheel #00751

Flat-Free Wheelbarrow Wheel #00751

Replacing a damaged wheelbarrow wheel is a more economical choice than buying a whole new wheelbarrow.  With some hand tools and a good replacement, the process takes less time than it takes to drive to the hardware store and back, and a fraction of the cost.

The Tech Team Flat-Free Wheelbarrow Tire includes a flat free size 4.00 – 8 rubber tire, and a welded-steel wheel with dual bearings.  It fits 5/8-Inch axles.



#00751–Flat-Free Wheelbarrow Wheel


Item Listing

Flat Free Wheelbarrow Mower, Cart, Hand Truck, Replacement Wheel, Size 4.00 – 8, Flat-Free Rubber Tire, 16” Outside Diameter Steel Wheel, Fits 5/8” Axle. By Tech Team

  • Size 4.00 – 8.These inner tubes/wheels will fit a wide range of outdoor and industrial equipment such as: lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, garden carts, rototillers, lawn vacuums, wood splitters, chippers, utility carts, some tractors, etc.
  • Flat-Free rubber tire. No inner tube and no air to lose to make the tire go flat. Filled with structural PU (polyurethane) foam. There is nothing worse than, first thing in the spring, trying to use your wheelbarrow and finding that the tire is flat. Our flat free tire will solve that problem. One and done. It’s as simple as that.
  • Never needs air.
  • Welded steel wheel.
  • Dual ball bearings.  Fits 5/8” axles. 5/8” is exactly0.625” measure your axel carefully before ordering. The other less common axel is ¾” diameter which is exactly the same size as a penny. If your axel is less than a penny in diameter this is the correct wheel.