Flat Soapstone Holder #00759

Flat Soapstone Holder #00759

Flat Soap Stone Holder Pen, for 125mm x 12.7mm x 5mm Soapstone Bars, Makes Removable Markings, Pocket Clip, Position Lock, Welding, Cutting, Brazing, Joining, Textiles, by Tech Team




  • Retractable Function – A Push of the clip allows the soap stone to be advanced and permits easy refilling when the soap stone wears. Holds standard size 125mm x 12.7mm x 5mm. 5” x ½” x 3/16” Flat soap stone refills.
  • Marks Many Types of Surfaces – Including Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Slate, Concrete, Granite, Marble, and Textiles.
  • Soap Stone Features – #1 Quality Soap stone is basically talc and makes heat resistant marks which can be easily removed. Ideal for welding, brazing, and other metal joining techniques.
  • Marks can be easily removed – Soapstone can be used for marking cloth or leather without leaving permanent marks.
  • Convenient – Handy built-in pocket clip position lock. Includes one (1) soapstone holder/pen and one (1) 125mm x 12.7mm x 5mm soapstone bar.

Product Details

The Tech Team Flat Soapstone Holder fits soapstone bars of 125mm x 12.7mm x 5mm. The holder comes with a pocket clip and a lock to keep the soaps tone in the desired position.

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