Flat Soapstone Holder #00759

Flat Soapstone Holder #00759

The Tech Team Flat Soapstone Holder fits soapstone bars of 125mm x 12.7mm x 5mm.  The holder comes with a pocket clip and a lock to keep the soaps tone in the desired position.



Flat Soapstone Holder #00759


Item Listing

Flat Soapstone Retractable Holder, White Clear Removable Markings For 125mm x 12.7mm x 5mm Soapstone, Pocket Clip, Position Lock, Pencil Holder, Welding, Cutting, Dress Making, Sewing, Brazing, Joining. Fabric Marking. By Tech Team

  • Holds flat soapstone pencils of 125mm x 12.7mm x 5mm.  5” x ½” x .20”
  • Pocket Clip. Nickle Plated Steel Construction.
  • Position Lock.
  • Soapstone creates visible marks that are heat-resistant.  Ideal for welding, brazing, and other metal joining techniques.  Will not contaminate welded joints.
  • Marks can be easily removed.  Soapstone can be used for marking cloth or leather without leaving permanent marks.  Soap Stone is Talc in it’s solid unrefined form. #1 Quality Soapstone.