Floating Shelf Mounting Bracket, 6 inch, 2 Pack #00731

Floating Shelf Mounting Bracket, 6 inch, 2 Pack #00731

The Tech Team Floating Shelf Bracket set is made of heavy-duty steel with a smooth powder coat finish.  The floating shelf bracket is perfect for invisibly supporting shelves for a clean, elegant look in a kitchen or bathroom.  The set includes two (2) brackets.

The load bearing capacity of this bracket is in direct proportion to the wall member it’s mounted toand the manner of mounting. The bracket should be directly mounted to wall studs. It is important touse screws of adequate diameter and length to ensure that the bracket is properly anchored. If drywall anchors or toggles are used, the load bearing capacity of the shelf will be greatly diminished.

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#00731 – Floating Shelf Mounting Bracket, 6 inch, 2 Pack



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Floating Shelf Mounting Bracket, Hidden Shelf Bracket, Blind Shelf Support, 6 Inch, Heavy Duty Steel Construction, Powder Coat Finish, 100 lb. Weight Capacity Per Pair, Industrial Strength ¾” Diameter Mounting Rods, Set of 2 Brackets By Tech Team


Floating Shelf Bracket, 3 Prong, 18-Inch, Hidden Shelf Bracket, Blind Shelf Support, Heavy Duty Steel Construction, Powder Coat Finish, 150 lb. Weight Capacity,Industrial Strength ¾” Diameter Mounting Rods. By Tech Team

  • All mounting holes are countersunk to accommodate #14 flat head wood screws to provide a flush fit. This bracket pair will accommodate shelves from 7” to 12” deep and support loads up to 100lbs.
  • These are high quality solid steel support brackets with 6” x ¾” shelf support rods. The support rods are welded at a 90° angle and burnished for a flush fit. This is in contrast to others with only 5/8” rods.
  • The welded solid steel brackets are powder coated to provide a lifetime of rust-free use.
  • Countersunk mounting holes for anchoring directly to studs.
  • The brackets are designed for easy do it yourself installation. The only tools necessary are a level, a drill driver, a tape measure, a pencil, and safety glasses. Minimum of 2 brackets per shelf, 1 bracket for every 12” of shelf is recommended.  Floating shelves are all the rage. They add an attractive and functional storage and organizational aspect to any room, and they appear as if they have no visible means of support, which is why they are also sometimes referred to as blind shelves. To properly support these shelves, you need the correct mounting hardware. Almost all hardware on the market is made from a 3mm strap to which is welded 5/8” diameter x 6” steel rods. Although the strap across the back of the bracket is sufficient to support a shelf with a modest amount of weight, you really need stronger mounting rods. This is where Tech Team’s brackets comes into play with a full ¾”/ 20mm diameter support rod. These will support considerably more weight and will not deflect as will thinner support rods. At the end of the day, the ability of a floating shelf to support weight is going to be determined by the manner in which it is mounted and what it is mounted to. If you mount your bracket to the wall using dry wall anchors and screws only held into the drywall, your weight bearing capacity is probably going to be in the range of a small arrangement of artificial flowers. In other words, not too good. If too much weight is put onto the shelf, you can expect an unhappy ending. The proper way to mount a floating or hidden shelf bracket is to mount it directly to the studs that are in the wall. This is where the Tech Team 729 32” 3 Prong Bracket is exceptional, in that it has multiple counter sunk mounting holes with one set at 16” center to center for mounting directly to 16” on center studs, and another set at 24” center on center for mounting to 24” on center studs.

If you are using our 730 18” Shelf Bracket, you will find that this particular shelf bracket uses 3 mounting rods as opposed to the 2 mounting rods that are found any place else on the market. These are also ¾”/20mm diameter for extra strength, and this particular bracket has various sets of mounting holes with 1 set of holes at 16” center to center for mounting directly to 16” on center studs.