Folding Table Leg Hinge #708

Folding Table Leg Hinge #708

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The Tech Team Folding Table Leg Hinge is made from heavy duty steel.  The hinge folds flat for compact storage.  Ideal for portable workbenches, coffee tables, poker tables, or desks.

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#708 -Folding Table Leg Hinge

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Tech Team Folding Table Leg Hinge, Locking Hinge, Fold Away Tables and Desks, Poker Tables, Black Jack Tables, Ironing Tables, 4 Hinge Set, Hardware Included.

  • Heavy duty self-locking steel brackets are durable and long lasting.
  • Make a foldable, portable work bench, coffee table, poker table, black jack table, ironing table, or desk.
  • Hinges lock legs in place at 90° automatically when fully opened.
  • Collapsible hinge folds flat for storage.
  • Set of four hinges, screws included.  The hinges are incredibly handy in that they lock securely into position at a 90° angle to make legs that are perpendicular to the table and then lock again in a folded position so they can be locked parallel to the underside of the table. They are made from heavy duty 3mm thick steel, with a durable rust resistant zinc dichromate finish, with a spring-loaded locking mechanism that needs to be disengaged to move the leg to either of its secure positions. They are the perfect hinge for making tables that only get occasional use and need to be stored and packed away conveniently. Tables used for black jack, poker, and ironing laundry are perfect applications.




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