Welded Steel Gate Maker Kit, Exclusive Deep Socket Design, Make a Perfect 3 ft.- 4ft. Wide Garden or Backyard Fence Gate, 4 Pieces, Heavy-Duty Hinges Included. By Tech Team




  • Make a perfect gate.  The average handyman can make a quick professional gate. A well-proportioned, square, functional gate makes an attractive and useful addition to any fence. There are many ways to make a gate. You can simply slap a few 2 x 4’s or 2 x 3’s together, nail them so that they appear to be square, put some fence pickets across it, nail them into place, and wa-lah, you have a gate. It probably won’t’ last very long, but it will serve the purpose. The best way to make your gate so that it is solid, square, and stays square, and functions for many years to come, is to use the Tech Team Gate Maker Kit. The unique feature of this kit that sets it far apart from any other kit on the market is that it is designed to use 2 x 4’s to make the frame of the gate and the 2 x 4’s are inserted into actual deep sockets. This way the gate remains square and extremely strong.  In other words, if it is properly built it will not sag. In addition, the gate kit includes 2 heavy duty permanently lubricated leaf hinges that will last for many years. Any handy person with basic hand tools should be able to produce a professional result in less than 90 minutes. We have deliberately not included screws with the set because there is no way to tell in advance exactly what type of gate material you are using, and more important, what type of fence post the gate will be anchored to.
  • Deep sockets securely hold 2 x 4 lumber.  Make any gate from 30”- 48” wide up to 6’ high.
  • Heavy duty robotic welded steel construction with a durable, powder coated finish.
  • Rugged sag-proof design.  Supports gates up to 50 lbs.
  • Hinges and instructions included.  Screws are not included.

Product Details

Gates sag over time, making opening, closing, and latching them into a daily fight.  The Tech Team Gate Maker Kit has an exclusive deep socket design that securely holds 2×4 lumber for a sturdy frame for a gate that won’t sag.  The kit is made from heavy-duty welded steel with a durable, powder-coated finish for years spent out in the elements.  The kit comes with four (4) sockets and two (2) hinges.

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