Hose Clamp Set #00727

Hose Clamp Set #00727

Product Description

3” key tensioner-style stainless steel band for3-inch hoses and. Oversize key-style turn closure for installation without tools ensures a good repair with a tight fit. ½” inch wide stainless-steel band fits hose diameters from 3 inches to 3 5.8 inches. Pack of 8.

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Hose Clamp Set #00727



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Band-Style Stainless Steel Gear Clamps, 3”, ½” Wide, Key-Style, Hose Clamps, Dust Collection Hose Clamp, Pack of 8. By Tech Team

  • 3” key tensioner-style stainless steel band.
  • Half-inch wide #304 stainless-steel band fits hoses from 3” diameter up to 3 5/8”.
  • Key-style screw mechanism allows for one hand tightening of hoses in confined spaces for a leak-proof seal.
  • The oversized 100% steel tightening key is superior to color plastic keys that can break under stress and the heat typical of clothes dryer vent applications.
  • Pack of 8.

Clamps should be doubled up on both ends of the hose.  One with the key/screw on the left, and one on the right. This ensures uniform tension and a tight connection in applications where heat and vibration are present.





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