Industrial Gate Brace Set #00734

Industrial Gate Brace Set #00734

Anti-Sag Gate Brace Kit , Restore Sagging Gates, Reinforce New Gates, Cross Brace, Simple DIY Project, 100% Steel Construction, for Wood Gates, Picket Fence Gates, Hardware Included, By Tech Team



Corrects Sagging Gates- Quickly and effectively controls sagging on wood, tubular steel, cyclone, and vinyl gates and is easily adjustable at any time.


Easy Installation- Installs in minutes with simple hand tools. A power drill with a 1/8” bit, adjustable wrench, and a #2 Phillips screwdriver gets the job done. No need to call a fence contractor. Simple DIY project takes 15-20 minutes.


Fits Many Gate Sizes – The Tech Team Gate Brace Set has a maximum length of 60”, the largest gate that can be accommodated while used from corner to corner is roughly 42” x 42”.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction- Constructed from quality material. The Tech Team #734 Gate brace is made from heavy duty 2mm thick carbon steel bars with a durable weather resistant powder coat finish.

The set includes 3 predrilled steel bars that can extend to a total length of 60”. All the necessary brackets and hardware are included. Hardware included.

Product Details

Wooden gates sag over time.  They begin to drag on the ground and don’t latch properly or at all.  Replacing a gate requires a trip to the hardware store for a new one if it was a standard size, or the lumber needed to build a new one if it was a custom fit.  The Tech Team Industrial Gate Brace Set can be used to restore and straighten old, sagging gates or reinforce new gates to keep them square.  The steel construction and powdercoat finish ensure a long life outdoors.  Installation is easy and hardware is included.

The problem with wood garden, driveway, and farm gates is that the wood swells and shrinks due to humidity and temperature conditions, which causes screws to lose their grip and joints to open up, and then gravity makes the latch side of the gate sag. The result is that the gate drags on the ground and the latch refuses to line up. Wood cross bracing can provide a temporary solution, but the ultimate long term solution is to use a quality gate brace system like the #734 made by Tech Team.

While the gate brace is most effective when used from corner to corner, it can be used for larger or irregularly shaped gates.  Always remember to install the gate brace set with the high end on the hinge-side corner of the gate and connect the other end as close to the lower latch-side corner as possible.


To install the brace, it is simply a matter of laying out the 3 sections from the upper hinge side of the gate to the lower latch side of the gate, anchoring the lower section to the lower corner of the gate frame, fastening the upper bracket to the upper hinge side of the gate frame, and then assembling the upper and lower bars to the center bar to the appropriate length, threading on the two large M12 nuts, and then tightening the nuts on the threaded portion of the upper bar to slowly and progressively pull the corners of the gate together until it is once again square, the latch lines up, and it no longer drags on the ground.

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