Reinforced Bed Risers #740

Reinforced Bed Risers #740

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The Tech Team Reinforced Bed Riser set is a replacement for the caster wheels that most bed frames rest on.  The risers prevent sliding and protect floors.  The bed risers can be installed without needing tools and fit over standard bed frame legs.  Each riser is made from heavy duty hard plastic and has a steel reinforcement ring.  The set comes with 6 risers.

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#740 – Reinforced Bed Risers, 6 Pieces

Item Listing

Tech Team Reinforced Bed Risers, Replace Casters, Prevent Sliding, Fits Over a Standard Bed Foot, Tool Free Installation, Set of 6

  • Use the bed risers to replace bed casters to prevent movement and sliding.
  • The riser set has a height of 4 inches.
  • Risers fit over standard bed frame feet.  No tools needed for mounting and installation.
  • Each riser is made from heavy-duty hard plastic and has a steel reinforcement ring.
  • Set of 6 risers.
    Inexpensive metal bed frames are almost always equipped with little steel feet that have plastic inserts. Sometimes they are equipped with casters so that the bed can roll around the floor. Either way, these present a couple of problems. One is that whether you have the casters or the plastic feet, the bed is very close to the floor. The other is that, if you have the casters, then the bed tends to roll around a lot. These problems can be solved rather quickly by using Tech Team’s #740 Reinforced Bed Risers. The risers eliminate both the little plastic feet and the casters and have a socket in them that allows them to fit snuggly and securely over the steel feet that are fixed to the bed frame. In addition, they have a brass plated steel reinforcing band around the top to hold everything together.You may think that adding another 4” to the height of the bed is not significant, but it makes a huge difference in comfort levels and being able to get on and off the bed. In addition, it opens up additional storage space beneath. The Tech Team set of 6 is enough to fit any standard twin, double, or queen size metal bed frame.



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