Replacement Floor Glide #741

Replacement Floor Glide #741

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The Tech Team Adjustable Bed Glide set includes 4 glides, 4 locking nuts, and 4 nylon inserts. The threaded stem and locking nut allow for the glide to have a 4-inch height adjustment.  The 40mm nylon glide surface slides easily over different floor materials.  The nylon inserts fit into standard bed frame legs.

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#741 – Replacement Floor Glide Set, 4 Pieces

Item Listing

Adjustable Bed Glide, Threaded Steel,Bedframe Glides, Replaces Wheels, Keeps Bed from Moving, Protects Floor, 40mm Nylon Glide, Adjustable up to 4 Inches, Heavy-duty Locking Nut, Set of 4. By Tech Team

  • Robust 40mm diameter nylon glide surface slides smoothly over hardwood, tile, or carpeted floors.
  • Nylon inserts fit into standard bed frame legs.
  • Heavy duty hex locking nut allows a wide range of height adjustment and keeps bed height secure.
  • Threaded Stem and hex adjusting nut on base allow adjustment up to 4 inches.
  • Set comes with 4 glides, 4 locking nuts, and 4 nylon inserts.  Nylon socket inserts allow the M8 threaded stem to securely fit larger sockets.







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