Spring Loaded Latch Bolt, 2 Pieces #00747

Spring Loaded Latch Bolt, 2 Pieces #00747

Spring loaded latch bolt barrel locks lock open position gate gates door doors heavy duty heavy-duty spring-loaded loaded solid steel zinc hardware included



– The latch bolts are spring loaded and can lock in the open position. Perfect for garden gates, trailer doors, trailer ramps, attic doors, and basement doors.

– The perfect replacement when door locks, dead bolts, padlocks, and J bolts won’t turn.

– Can be used on enclosed cargo trailers such as Diamond, Haulmark, Pro-Line, Featherlite and other popular trailers used for motorcycles, snow mobiles, ATV’s, and personal possessions.

– Barrel bolt fully retracts and can be retained in the open position, and when extended securely retains shed doors, gates, trailer ramps, flatbed truck racks, fencing, attic and basement doors.

– Constructed from heavy duty solid steel with a marine grade zinc plated finish. Heavy-duty spring.  All necessary color matched hardware included. 2 complete sets.

The Tech Team Spring Loaded Latch Bolt uses a heavy-duty barrel bolt to securely keep gates and doors closed.  The bolt is spring loaded to keep closed and can be locked in the open position for convenience.  The latch is made of solid steel with a durable zinc finish to resist the elements.  Color-matched hardware is included.

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