Triangle Flint Refill, 3 Pieces #00761

Triangle Flint Refill, 3 Pieces #00761

Tech Team Triangle Flint Refill, Replacement Flints for Triangle Flint Strikers, Spark Lighters, Welding, Brazing, Joining, Oxy-Acetylene, 3 Pieces




  • Replaces flints for triple flint spark lighters.
  • Keeps multiple flints on-hand without needing to keep track of replacements.
  • When a flint wears down, just rotate to the next flint.
  • Three (3) flints per piece, nine (9) flints in total.
  • Triple Replacement Flints Compatible with All 3 Flint Strikers, Spark Lighters, Welding Torch, Brazing, Oxy-acetylene, Camping Stoves, Gas Grills, Bunsen Burners, Refills. 3pcs. Tech Team
  • Solid Construction- Made from heavy duty steel plate with a durable noncorrosive zinc finish. First quality flints. Compatible with all 3 flint strikers.
  • Reliable- Provides bright orange sparks to reliably ignite oxy-acetylene and propane torches, brazing torches, camp stoves, gas grills.
  • 3 Times the Service Life- Each refill contains 3 flints that can be rotated one by one for a long service life.
  • Easy Installation- Simply undue the screw holding the flint carousel in place, remove the old carousel, reverse the process to install the new carousel.

Product Details

The Tech Team Triangle Flint Refill pack contains three (3) triangle flint holders, each with three (3) flints. The flint holders are for use with triple flint spark lighters. When flints wear down from use, instead of hunting for a replacement, simply rotate the triangular holder to a new one. Always aim the torch away from the user when lighting.

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