Wall Hook, 75 lbs., 20 Pieces #00838

Wall Hook, 75 lbs., 20 Pieces #00838

Wall Hook Picture Hanger, 75 lb. Capacity, Support Pictures, Mirrors, and Wall Decorations, Includes 10 Hooks and Hardware, By Tech Team



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  • Easily hang pictures, mirrors, and wall decorations.
  • Hooks have a 75 lb. capacity.
  • 6d, 2″ finishing nails for full penetration of drywall.
  • Includes 10 hooks and 10 nails.

Product Details

The Tech Team Wall Hook Picture Hangers allow for easy mounting of pictures, mirrors or wall decorations.  The hooks have a 75 lb. capacity, but please keep in mind that, ultimately, the weight capacity of each hanger will depend on the strength of the material they are being attached to.  The included hardware is adequate for many objects, but heavier objects may require multiple hangers, screws and drywall anchors, or using the included hardware to reach the studs inside the wall.  The set includes 10 hooks and 10 nails.

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